Excellence through Research and Development of Innovative Biotechnology

HA TECH is an Australian based Company, Developing & Delivering innovative Diagnostic and Pharmaceuticals products, focuses on the diagnosis of serious infectious diseases: respiratory Including COVID-19, sexually transmitted infection (STI) and mosquito-borne diseases that affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide and are among the most urgent global health challenges. The Company is making long-term investments to develop pharmaceutical products and medical technologies/ devices to address major health problem in Australia and globally.

HA TECH is looking to change the industry status quo.

As members of the global healthcare community, HA TECH focuses on reducing the burden of disease with our products and development of novel technologies.
HA TECH aims to be inclusive and make diagnostic products that are accessible and only require basic laboratory equipment rather than restricting the use of kits to own brand equipment.
We value Science with our company run with an emphasis on researchers leading development.

Abdullah Mahmud

Executive Chairman

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Dr. Hani Nur

Managing Director
PhD (University of Greenwich, UK)

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Professor Martin Snowden

PhD, CSci, CChem, FRSC, PFHEA (UK)

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Professor Fariba Dehghani

PhD (University of New South Wales, Australia)

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Dr Peter Valtchev

PhD (University of Sydney, Australia)

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Ross William Brierty 

International Marketing Executive
B.Sc. MBA (Victoria University)

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Dr Mike Richardson

PhD (ANU, Australia)

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Prof. Shariff Enamul Kabir

PhD (University College London, UK)

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